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Havaan Tuvali Watches

    Like many boutique and micro watch brands, our story started out as watch enthusiasts, who couldn't  find the right watches for ourselves. The ones we liked were too expensive, and the ones we could afford were not to our taste. So we set off to create our own watch, and so Havaan Tuvali was born.

    Our brand name, Havaan Tuvali originates from the Taiwanese aboriginal Burun tribal language, meaning “the deer's sunset”. The ancient Burun people believed that at sun's down, when the deer came out from the forest to browse for food and water, it signaled the time for people to finish up their day's work. In some way, it was also how they told time.

    We wanted to create timepieces that not only had the looks, but also the performance to match, which is why we select only the finest materials and parts to make our watches. Our goal is to make reliable watches that their owners can proudly wear for years.


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